In this spring will be able to do even more with Dynamics 365 Sales


Microsoft knows very well how important it is in sales to provide innovative tools that keep up with changes. And these have recently accelerated like never before. You need to spend more time to gain the customer’s trust and, as a result, finalize the sale. Therefore, the new solutions that will appear in Dynamics 365 Sales this spring will focus on even better sales performance management and, like Dynamics 365 Marketing, will help to better personalize contacts with customers.

The first important change is the fact that Sales Hub will be available by default in all environments. The Sales Hub will be pre-installed by default for those, who do not use this option yet. The application interface is highly interactive, which makes daily operations simpler.

More control, more flexibility

Sellers will be able to better control their performance by being able to compare their sales forecasts with actual progress over multiple periods. This way, they will get the information on whether the progress made so far is getting them closer to achieving planned goals. Dynamics 365 Sales will also allow users to measure and compare AI predictions with actual results.

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This step is bold but necessary for managers to judge the true accuracy of AI guidance. And the configuration of sales forecasts itself will also become more flexible as users will be able to choose not only a monthly or quarterly period, but also configure sales forecast to cover entire year.

Sales team leaders are often responsible for their teams, as well as their own goals. In Dynamics 365 Sales Wave 1 2022, not only will the aggregation happen automatically, but the quotas will also be updated, when a team member switches teams.

Microsoft made sure that no potential customer would be left without proper attention. Control of opportunity health became better in the latest update. It will prove invaluable for every salesperson, who needs to deal with many clients at the same time.

Opportunity health monitoring in Dynamics 365 Sales will show how many days have passed since the last status change, but also how this number of days affects the predictive result of a given contract. Thanks to this update the number of late reactions and lost contracts will be reduced.

An accelerator for everyone

However, this is not the end of updates dedicated to make salesmen lives better. Salespeople will gain advanced information filtering options based on non-standard fields. With this feature they will complete their to-do lists easier and faster without having to filter out of many activities. They will also avoid duplication of events and meetings after integrating the Sales Accelerator with their Outlook calendars.


The Sales Accelerator will also become an even greater friend for all salespeople, thanks to the simpler configuration with pre-built using templates. The features will be more visible, and the configuration of the Sales Accelerator will be much faster. A surprise awaits for corporate and premium customers, who with Wave 1 2022, will have access to the Sales Accelerator by default.

Sales on smartphones will be stronger

Dynamics 365 Sales Wave 1 2022 update also brings new features to smartphones. With contact integration, contacts will be enriched with data collected in Dynamics 365 Sales. Synchronizaton will work both ways, which guarantees even greater data completeness in the CRM system.

Microsoft has also refined the accuracy of the analysis of photos taken with the camera and associating the captured data with a specific record in the database. A paper business card of a new employee or handwritten notes will be entered into the system in a few second. And when it comes to CRM records, Dynamics 365 will automatically recognize and reject worthless leads containing incorrect e-mail addresses, incomplete personal data or fictitious information.



One last thing to be mentioned is the ability to quickly see customers’ reactions to content shared by our employees. Dynamics 365 Sales users will be notified whether an email is opened, read, or forwarded. Users will see insights about downloaded attachments or clicked links, which will allow them to assess if and when they can contact the recipient again to continue the sales process.

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