Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement…where are you?

08.11.2019 netwise

And it’s official.


Rebranding MS Flow to Power Automate and changing the icons is just scratching the surface. About two months ago we informed about the change in Microsoft licensing. Changes continue, and now we can officially say that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is only available in the on-premise version.




The online version is built on Power Platform and CDS. Accessing MS Flow Power Automate is not a nice to have feature anymore. There is no possibility to install Power Platform, Power Automate and all cloud-based options locally.


The systems codebase must differ and will continue to differ in the future (possibly dropping the D365 CE altogether within couple of years). This has significant impact on the way we (partners) prepare solutions – plugins, workflows and integrations.


Even customization looks different, starting from makers experience, finishing with solution approach. We more and more switch from old javascripts (or typescripts) into business rules not because we are forced, but because they actually work (there is still a gap though).


For the on-prem version there are no significant changes, what was available is still on the table, but online… We’ve got some new toys and they are fun to play with. If you’re not into #nocode #lowcode yet, then you better prepare yourself for a change. But that’s for another time.



So, how do we call cloud version of good old “Microsoft CRM”? Microsoft says: app names!

    Dynamics 365 Sales
    Dynamics 365 Customer Service
    Dynamics 365 Marketing
    Dynamics 365 Field Service
    Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation


To be continued…

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