Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing News – Wave 1 2022

More marketing, less coding

The news related to Dynamics 365 Marketing announced by Microsoft in Wave 1 2022 will surely please all people, who love low-code solutions. Without coding skills, they will be able to apply personalizations at an even higher level.

With features coming in Wave 1 2022 we will be able to leverage AI to decide which marketing collateral will be best for a specific client. All we will have to do, is add a few variants of content with different offers, images or phrases and, without using code, sending rules can be customized. We will be able to optimize these rules with the help of AI, which will analyze all the data collected through Customer Insights, but what is more important, AI will take into account all previous interactions with our organization.

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In this way, AI will continue to learn and analyze customer reactions and their commitment to the received content. Defined rules will be able to be constantly optimized, so that personalization translates into greater conversion and performance.

Artificial Intelligence will also suggest to us which communication channel is best for a given person and situation. Constant monitoring of reactions to each presented content will not only help to improve the content to be served, but also determine whether eg. a customer prefers brief SMS communication over long e-mails. For incoming text messages, it will also be possible to set keywords that will decide on sending a specific message or redirecting the conversation.

This is good news for everyone working in marketing because new solutions created by Microsoft will allow us to learn more about communication preferences of customers in the digital world and will provide them with content that they will really be interested in

Agnieszka Łodej, Business Consultant, Netwise

Changes to email personalization in Wave 1 2022

Email personalization also goes a step further and, as announced by Microsoft, it will be possible to predefine dynamic texts. While designing a message, users will insert tokens such as name, surname, city, position, birthday, or others, which Dynamics 365 Marketing will supplement with information about the Customer to whom the message will go. In this way, it will be possible, for example, to invite recipients to their nearest salons throughout the country, thanks to just one template. It is also worth to mention that other content (e.g. images), which will go to specific segments, can also be dynamic.

Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing

Building Microsoft Teams chat into Dynamics 365 Marketing will allow teams to collaborate, when creating marketing collateral. It is a tribute to people working remotely, but also to managers, who will be able to view the progress at any time and enter their comments without waiting for the full project to be published. This will let to save time and eliminate the number of amendments.

Feedback is extremely important. It allows to work more efficiently and make less mistakes. Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Teams into Dynamics 365 Marketing, feedback will be visible immediately in the context of specific template or campaign.

Agnieszka Łodej, Netwise

Event personalization

With features coming to Dynamics 365 Marketing in Wave 1 2022, we will also be able to personalize customer journeys and events. Users will be able to determine what types of actions should qualify clients to be transferred to further stages or a real person. It will no longer be necessary for programmers to add complicated qualifying logic. For example, when the customer abandons a cart with a small value, they will be offered a different promotion code than when someone abandons a cart with much bigger value. This brings us as close to real dynamics personalization, as possible.

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