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Nowy Styl Group

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Nowy Styl Group is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for office and public spaces. Nowy Styl specializes in providing modern furniture solutions to new office buildings, conference centres, cinemas, stadiums, music halls, sports and multifunctional facilities.





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Technologies used:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 / 2011

Partner Portal

Basic info:


CRM at Nowy Styl Group was one of the first Netwise projects, back in 2009. CRM was implemented in an innovative way (as for 2009) as a Software-as-a-Service solution, very closely integrated with a custom built partner portal. CRM acts as an intermediary solution, the only source about customer data, integrating data from ERP and partner portal and allowing users to better manage sales processes.

CRM has been used by Nowy Styl Group in 3 countries in Europe.

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  • Streamlined sales process for B2B customers
  • Close integration with partner portal (PRM)
  • Close and live integration with ERP (IFS) for better order management

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