Dataflex and Dataflex Pro – something new and something old

1 week ago

Microsoft Inspire 2020 (virtual conference) brought a lot of product novelties in Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365 portfolio.

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Dataflex and Microsoft Dataflex Pro. First is the newest addition to Teams, second is the new name for the Common Data Service.


Microsoft Dataflex empowers users to build and deploy apps in Teams using a Teams-native Microsoft Power Apps. It is a low-code data platform that is built-in and provides relational database.

According to Charles Lamanna, CVP, Low Code Application Platform, combination of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dataflex enables:

  • Integrated experience for custom apps inside Teams
  • Quick building and deploying apps and bots inside Teams
  • Easy administration of custom solutions through teams

By applying Common Data Service technology to Teams, Microsoft utilizes strong and already proven technology enriching Teams. That allows users to build applications around Teams for internal team processes support. Change of the processes will be much easier with the support of such technology.

“The name is not everything, more important is what the organization gains – comments Krystian Hatała, VP at Netwise. We have predicted the rebranding of the Common Data Service in Netwise with the appearance of the “Project for the Web” service in Office 365. This was done as announced, but more importantly the addition of CDS (Dataflex) to the Teams application.”

Dataflex is also a data backbone database. The challenge in building business applications is often related to permissions and the logic of granting these permissions. This logic is Dataflow’s functionality – it is part of application development and is built into low-code, making it very easy to grant permissions to different users.

According to Krystian Hatala Dataflex enriches Teams with:

  • scalability in building applications
  • secure environment
  • easy building of integrated applications

“Thanks to these functionalities, the Teams application can become a window on the work of organization and operating processes, additionally easily integrated with the CRM system or other business applications” – Krystian Hatała, VP, Netwise Europe.

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