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Oracle Eloqua

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Oracle Eloqua enables you to design, develop, and deploy personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns on a truly global scale.

Boost your marketing efforts with this easy-to-use software for both beginners and experienced marketers. Primarily aimed at large businesses, Eloqua offers marketers a network of over 500 partners (representing over 700 integrations) worldwide while featuring intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface.

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What can Eloqua do for you?

Eloqua offers a seamless user experience for marketers and digital marketers to:

  • Segment and target customers
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • Generate demand and create leads
  • Measure marketing effectiveness accross channels
  • Align Sales and Marketing efforts

Segment and target customers

  • Easily discover and target audiences and campaigns that drive revenue
  • Choose the right audiences and the right time to target them with relevant information
  • Combine data from various channels
  • Use filters to segment your audience based on attributes

Manage marketing campaigns

  • Map your audience flow and design paths from one engagement to another across different channels with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Create campaigns without any technical resources
  • Modify segments of a campaign at any time (change decision steps, introduce new triggers, etc.)
  • Collect activity and interaction data across various channels to better assess the level of interest

Generate demand and create leads

  • Better understand buyer’s true intent and still drive revenue with Eloqua’s multiple lead scoring models for any contact,
  • Building robust lead score thanks to the aggregation of profile and behavioral data
  • Leverage the most relevant data without heavy IT interference
  • Use of predictive analytics to score accounts based on their actions and intent

Measure marketing effectiveness accross channels

  • Gain real-time insights with a reporting package featuring activities presented in a simple chart
  • Quickly assess any campaign’s success thanks to customizable dashboards
  • Collect campaign data including impact on pipeline, revenue, and ROI
  • Insights into website visits
  • Identify channels that generate the highest engagement and conversion

Align Sales and Marketing efforts

  • Boost cooperation between sellers and marketers with one common tool
  • Share detailed actionable info about prospects with sellers (web activity, email opens or social activity) to help them tailor their message and actions accordingly
  • Use Oracle Profiler to track and store information about web activities and communication in real-time
  • Easily sync sales and marketing activity data between Eloqua and your CRM
    Perform some actions like prioritizing and routing the most engaged prospects and accounts in real time directly in CRM

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