Netwise S.A. has acquired Atteli. It’s the beginning of building a strong group

1 year ago
Netwise S.A., a company listed on NewConnect, has acquired 100% of shares in Atteli Sp. z o.o., which has been implementing CRM systems and developing business applications for the past 10 years, with a focus on building competencies around Microsoft technologies for over a year. This transaction signifies a move towards market consolidation and the establishment of the Netwise group, which will consolidate Microsoft partners implementing CRM systems in Poland and in Europe.

After the acquisition by Netwise, Atteli, the Polish company, will continue to operate in the market under its own brand. The companies will gain mutual access to technological infrastructure, know-how, and partner markets while maintaining their individuality. The services offered by both companies are complementary. Atteli will carry out projects aimed at streamlining marketing and sales processes using Dynamics 365 Marketing, Customer Insights, as well as the Microsoft low-code and no-code platform.

Jakub Skałbania, Chief Growth Officer at Netwise, emphasizes that Atteli perfectly complements Netwise’s competencies and allows the group to focus on projects in lower market segments than Enterprise.

The teams’ skills at Netwise and Atteli complement each other. Thanks to this transaction, we have expanded the scope of our competencies and expertise, as well as our operational capabilities. The companies in the group can now execute projects of various scales, flexibly allocating resources. In this way, we intend to broaden our client portfolio in Poland and abroad.

– highlights Jakub Skałbania.

According to Skałbania, Atteli and Netwise share a similar understanding of the role of consultants in implementing CRM solutions and optimizing marketing and sales processes – as experts not only in technology but also in business.

We are embarking on a new chapter in the history of our company. We believe that combining forces will result in the development of Atteli and the strengthening of our brand. It’s a win-win for everyone

– comments Jacek Szafader, CEO of Atteli Sp. z o.o.

Furthermore, the CEO of Atteli believes that the company he created has a similar business philosophy to Netwise.

When implementing projects, our priority is also delivering measurable value to the client, effectiveness, and project safety, which means completing every order on time and with the highest standards.

netwise netwise

In joining the Netwise group, we bring our strong competencies in supporting marketing and sales processes, knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, as well as our project agility and a strong team of experts. On the other hand, we gain access to the possibilities and scale offered by the group, enabling us to deliver projects faster and with even better quality

 – he adds, pointing out that the collaboration is also significant in attracting new specialists and creating more attractive working conditions for them.

A foundation for the capital group

The addition of Atteli to Netwise will strengthen Netwise’s position and initiate the consolidation of companies operating in the CRM field in Europe.

We are building a group around Netwise, which will be one of the top three Microsoft players implementing CRM solutions in Europe, with a strong position worldwide. The acquisition of Atteli Sp. z o.o. is an important milestone in realizing this plan, especially as we continue to focus solely on CRM implementations and low-code, unlike other Dynamics integrators who try to combine CRM and ERP competencies, often with poor results for clients. We are constantly monitoring the market and do not exclude further moves

– emphasizes Jakub Skałbania

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