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Partner Relationship Management (PRM)


So, you’ve put your time, effort, and money into building a partner network. You’ve developed multiple sales channels, sales representatives, and independent partners worldwide. Now the question is – how do you know what your partners need to grow?


Partner / franchise network management


360° Partner/POS View

Provides a comprehensive view of points of sale, partners, and indicators, and an action history


Client service

Implement sales network processes (i.e. modify data, partnership conditions, planned training). Automatic case handling


Partner and staff portals

Self-service portals for staff and sales network partners Automation of processes and communications

Potential and sales management


Manage potential

Analyze potential based on audits, scoring, and key indicators Plan and coordinate Next Best Actions


Manage KPIs and goals

Monitor individual Key Performance Indicators, as well as network and back office goals



Authorize and manage sales competitions

Communication and support of Partners


Communication tools

Automate communications with points of sale, partners, and employees Manage actions and interactions


Document base

Database of current and archived documents


Site visit and audit tool

Plan and conduct site visits, prepare reports and audits

Integration with other systems


Research tools

Research market needs and analyze staff competences



Analyze network and back office effectiveness Management and operations dashboards Full integration with Power BI


Integration with other systems

Integration with other systems used by sales network and back office staff Compatible with systems such as: ERP, CRM, billing, SB, BPMS

Does your organization work with partner and / or dealers? Would you like to improve communication, fasten co-operation and make your sales network grow?
Contact us to learn about Netwise PRM!

Business areas that Netwise PRM covers

Sales network development

  • Identify POS potential
  • Improve POS operations
  • Monitor KPIs

Partner development

  • Quickly identify and assess potential partners
  • Develop productive relationships

Dedicated partner and staff portals offer:

  • Improved staff/back office communications
  • Improved interactions with sales network management

Dealer Management

  • Build and maintain relationships with internal and external sales networks
  • Motivate and support sales staff
  • Improve the quality of services offered
  • Coherently analyze sales channel effectiveness

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