Netwise established a new spin-off company, PowerPRM, to provide stronger support for partner and franchise network management

1 year ago

Netwise, a leading Microsoft partner in Europe specializing in CRM and PRM implementations based on Microsoft technologies, has established PowerPRM, a company that introduces its own platform for managing business in a franchise and network model to the market. It will be led by Wojciech Zarębski, the former Senior Manager at Netwise. The spin-off will offer customers tools to maximize the potential of their sales and partner networks.


The decision to establish PowerPRM was made after successful pilot projects for a few franchise giants.

“Now it’s time for the Partner Relationship Management concept to further develop in a new form – modular, tailored to the needs of networks and franchises, with a minimal implementation period,” says Jakub Skałbania, CGO of Netwise S.A. “We have over 170 projects in the field of CRM and several PRM projects on our account. We relied on our experience in business and technology to create a ready product, which is PowerPRM.”

Develop your network

At PowerPRM, the foremost objective is to unlock and amplify the commercial possibilities within partner networks. It provides comprehensive support for managers throughout the entire process, from establishing or onboarding new sales locations to assessing their financial performance. The platform facilitates the enforcement of essential guidelines, streamlines communication, and effectively executes the selected business strategy. PowerPRM efficiently creates tasks, tracks individual Point of Sales outcomes, and accelerates the deployment of strategic adjustments across all locations, ensuring your business thrives.

“We have assembled a strong team of experts for this project, from programmers and business architects to UI/UX designers. Using our complementary skills, we have created an innovative platform with unbeatable functionality,” says Wojciech Zarębski, CEO of PowerPRM. “The platform supports every important sales and marketing process. We have entrusted the technology with the automation of these processes, so that people can do the things that they are irreplaceable for,” he emphasizes.

The platform will offer two views:

  • PowerPRM Back-Office App, which is the organizational perspective built on Microsoft Power Platform,
  • PowerPRM Self-Service Portal, a portal for partners or franchisees.

This solution will streamline communication and engage partners in achieving shared business goals. The entire process will be supported by artificial intelligence.

For whom?

PowerPRM was created based on the thoroughly mapped business needs of companies operating in the franchise and network model. Each of these needs is reflected in specific modules that make up the solution. Among the dozen or so modules are new partner acquisition and onboarding, goal setting, partner management and communication, data analysis, document sharing, audits and training, goal monitoring, and increasing partner engagement through gamification.

The main target audience for the platform includes the financial industry, retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and any other businesses operating on sales or franchise networks. The company will mainly focus on the European market, which is already well-known to Netwise S.A. due to projects carried out in 27 countries. Thanks to ready-made packages, customers will be able to choose a solution that best fits the scale and strategy of their business. One completed implementation of PowerPRM is already in operation at the US branch of a global automotive manufacturer.


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