GOLD Cloud Productivity – Netwise adds another Microsoft competency!

5 years ago

New GOLD competency for Netwise Digital

Netwise Digital already holds three competencies in Microsoft Partner Program:

GOLD Application Development

– SILVER Datacenter

– SILVER Enterprise Resource Planning

The newest addition to our competency pool, GOLD Cloud Productivity, is awarded to exceptional Microsoft partners specializing in developing tailor-made and custom business applications on Microsoft platform. Because in the new, cloud world many applications are integrated closely to Office 365 (Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online, Skype, OneDrive), Netwise Digital is also actively engaged in Office 365 implementations and in helping customers get the best of custom and Microsoft first-party applications.


Having completed many cloud deployments, we have fulfilled all requirements for GOLD Cloud Productivity competency.

Why is GOLD Cloud Productivity such an important competency?

This Microsoft competency demonstrates our expertise in building, integrating and/or extending business applications and infrastructure solutions in the cloud using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This is achieved though the continuous development of our best-in-class technical expertise, unrivalled Microsoft product knowledge and our exceptional customer care.

The list of requirements is pretty huge, and Netwise completed all of them. From number of users who use our solutions (thousands every day), to number of certified O365 experts.

If you’re interested in learning more about Modern Workplace and Business Productivity make sure to visit Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity website.

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“Attaining the GOLD level in Cloud Productivity competency showcases our commitment to building cloud applications and proves that Netwise Digital is the right partner whenever a company needs tailored cloud business applications that can work smoothly with existing architecture.

says Kuba Skalbania, Principal Consultant, GM USA.

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