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We specialize in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations with special emphasis on Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Care (CC) and Marketing Automation (MA). After more than 140 successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations delivered to clients in 23 countries around the world, we know how to do it right. You can take advantage of our experience to:

  • unleash your potential with the right approach to lead generation
  • disrupt the competition with quicker time-to-market
  • drive business results and accelerate innovation
  • enable people to do more and work smarter with natively-integrated tools
  • leverage Microsoft technologies and achieve business objectives cheaper


Read how Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) can help your organization here: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform.

Why is proper approach the key factor to a successful Dynamics 365 implementation?

There is no one size fits all approach to business applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation depends on business size, its needs and objectives, organizational culture and IT requirements. Deployments may be very complex and cover many business processes. They can also take a form of a simple system adaptation aiming at enhancement of a particular end-to-end process.


Why you can trust Netwise USA with your Dynamics CRM project?

During every CRM project we work together with the customer to find the best approach. We actively consult our customers on how to successfully approach every CRM implementation – from CRM strategy to a valid and clear plan of deployment. Our primary goal always is to optimize business processes, not just to configure the software. Our strength is deep technology knowledge combined with business experience gathered in Dynamics CRM deployments in many industries.

We do things in our unique, proven way. Agile methodologies and iterative approach allow us to deliver value to the customers faster, in short periods of time. It means that the customer do not need to wait for the final deployment. Business users can start using and testing the system just weeks or even days after launching the project.

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