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Dynamics 365 Marketing

These days, no matter what industry you’re in, you have to stay on your toes. The market is always changing, and you have to constantly adapt.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing gives you an advantage by enabling you to engage with customers one on one, to easily build and maintain your easy to build a marketing funnel, and to track and analyze campaign results – all in real time.


Manage email marketing and create online content

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, creating personalized, multi-channel marketing campaigns is easy. The visual design tools allow you to create, test, and implement mailing and SMS campaigns, all using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


Nurture leads with personalized landing pages

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing makes it easy to build and monetize marketing activities from lead to cash. Advanced lead management and scoring tools will help you widen your net, turning prospective clients into sales. Provide leads with personalized content using customized multi-level lead development programs.


Design and execute personalized customer journeys

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing you can use the drag-and-drop journey designer to create an automated, multichannel campaign. Each campaign may send personalized email messages, generate follow-up activities, launch CRM workflows. That’s why you no longer need to switch between different solutions to execute you marketing campaign. All data flows between Marketing and Sales modules with native integration!


Score leads and make them sales-ready

Set up lead-scoring rules that automatically identify your hottest leads based on how they interact with your events and customer journeys. As soon as a lead meets a sales-ready score, Dynamics 365 for Marketing automatically routes it to your CRM system. Thus, salespeople can be sure that your marketing leads are ready to follow up.


Gain synergy between Sales and Marketing activities

Get the most out of your strengths by combining sales and marketing activities. This will make it easier to define your target group, create better customized campaigns, and avoid discrepancies, leading to more efficient operations and better results.

Full integration of each stage of the marketing process – from planning, to budgeting, to implementation and monitoring – makes it easier to effectively manage your resources. It’s time to ditch those complicated workflows and multi-step approval processes and migrate to one integrated, scalable platform.


Monitor brand awareness and market insights

The AI for Market Insights module makes it easy to interact and engage with clients on social media. It tracks your brand image and perception of your marketing activities by monitoring platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

In the end, it’s all about results. Dynamics 365 for Marketing makes it easy to monitor revenues, the sales process, and marketing expenses. Thanks to full integration with tools such as Excel and Power BI, Dynamics 365 for Marketing puts results and analysis at your fingertips, so you always know what’s effective and what’s not.


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