Phone integration in Dynamics 365 (Computer Telephony Integration)

13.09.2019 netwise

Phone integration in Dynamics 365 is a very common topic during Dynamics CRM implementations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps allow you to seamlessly connect your phone to CRM for faster and more effective multi-channel communication.

Since you already have CRM implemented in your company, you might want to allow its users to make and receive calls directly in CRM. Dynamics 365 provides built-in functionality that makes outgoing calls really easy. It’s based on Skype and you might need to purchase additional Skype / Office 365 subscription, so that your users might call external numbers.

What if you want full phone integration for incoming and outgoing calls in Dynamics 365?

Then you need a third-party tool that provide this functionality. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available for really low prices (monthly or one-time fees).
In this post we’re take a closer look at three most popular ones: RingCentral, Five9 and Bright Pattern (for much more complex scenarios).

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Benefits of integrating your Dynamics 365 with phones

  • Initiating outgoing phone calls directly from your CRM
  • Receiving and forwarding incoming calls
  • Routing inbound calls to right agents
  • Automatic creation of CRM records (Contacts/Leads; Opportunities/Cases)
  • Automatic caller identification in CRM
  • Queuing live calls
  • Call analytics and statistics
  • Integrating phone calls as one of the channel in omni-channel contact centers

RingCentral for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

RingCentral for Microsoft Dynamics provides seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your RingCentral services.

Make and receive calls in Dynamics 365 with Click-to-Dial

Automate your sales cycle, maximize employee’s productivity, improve call efficiency and optimize customer interactions. Call your leads and customers directly from Dynamics 365, match incoming calls to existing contact records automatically and log and save call activities for reporting purposes.


Match your Leads and Clients with screen pop-ups

Account/Contact/Lead records are matched with the inbound call based on the caller ID. The incoming inbound call will fire a pop up and show the incoming call information.


Choose how to log your incoming and outgoing calls

By default, RingCentral will automatically create an Activity in MS Dynamics 365 for any consultant’s inbound or outbound call. There is also a possibility of manual log entry, where the call details are pre-populated, and notes can be added.



RingCentral for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
to learn more about the solution, pricing and installation tips!


Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deploy an intelligent cloud contact center with integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM, UC and collaboration capabilities.

Data-Rich Screen Pops

Match inbound and outbound customer information and provide “screen pops,” by opening corresponding Dynamics 365 records. Agents see important customer data prior to accepting the interaction.


Powerful single-pane Agent Panel

Rich administrative and supervisor environment to manage your contact center agents, IVR scripts, campaigns, and agents skills.


Automatic call logs

Save call logs automatically when a call ends ensuring that every interaction is stored in the system of record — Keeping teams synced on all customer and prospect communication.


Five9 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365
to learn more about the solution, pricing and installation tips!


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