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Creating and managing documents can seem simple. We know it’s not. That’s why we’ve created a document generator for your organisation that will make your employees’ work easier.

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What is Netwise Document Generator?

Netwise Document Generator allows you to generate different documents with data retrieved from any application, platform or system you’re using in your organization. Whether you’re in government, finance, healthcare, education, sales, or legal services.


  • Generate dynamic proposals, contracts, reports, invoices, letters, and more using data from CRM records, excel files, applications or other systems.
  • The process of document generation is started by clicking on the configured Button. Button can be placed anywhere in the system or application and is ready for use by the user.
  • Improve compatibility with already approved templates and to create any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF document with static or dynamic content.

Document Generator allows you to create

  • Proposals
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Brochures
  • Quotes
  • Reports

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